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Articles related to Building Websites for Companies

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6 Reasons Why having Just a Facebook page for your Business is NOT good enough

Many smaller companies do not have any official website of their own. Instead, they operate using Facebook page. A Facebook presence is very useful to send a quick update to customers/potential customers of your company’s events, sales and activities. Furthermore, it makes it very easy to share offer and product banners with many people. If [...]

Importance of website for Craft Supplier sellers

Years ago, I was really into crafting- at one time, I took up an interest in soap and candle making. As I was searching for information, I only managed to find one site: Multifilla.com. The company is located in Sri Kembangan, Selangor and the reason why Iwas able to find it was because it had [...]

Never Create Your Business Site using Free or Directory Hosting

When making a purchasing decision from a company that I am not familiar with, the first thing I do is to google the company to find out more about the company. However, I find that a number of companies, especially SMIs with good growth potential do not even invest resources in setting up their own [...]

Why Every Company Needs a Website

A company really needs a website if it wants to continue to be competitive in today’s era.  Setting up a website need not be difficult- you can even engage a college IT student to do it for a low cost in exchange for a good portfolio (having developed website for a good and known company would definitely [...]