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Why my menu still appears above the header for homepage for Thesis WordPress theme

In the earlier tutorial, I have covered steps on how to move your navigation menu to have it located beneath the header image by using the Thesis Skin Editor> Canvas. It works but how come the navigation menu for your header still stubbornly remained on the top of the site header image? To illustrate, let [...]

How to create custom sidebar without any coding using Thesis wordpress theme

Sometimes you would wish to have a different sidebar to be display for certain pages. For example, you may have a blog on a few topics in which you wish to have the sidebar to display different contents based on each category. Take the example of this blog where I have a few sections. I [...]

How to create custom page without any coding or plugin using Thesis wordpress theme

If you have the Thesis wordpress theme, you can easily create custom pages without the need to write any code. Why you do need to create custom pages or templates? 1.Mainly, it is to cater for different objective/ function of the page. For example, you may want your homepage to look different or create a [...]

How to disable/enable post category and tags display in blog posts

Using Thesis wordpress theme(I am using version 2.3), there are 2 ways to enable/disable categories and tags display on your pages and blog posts 1.To disable/enable the display across the entire site, you need to use the Dashboard> Thesis> Skin Content> Post/Pages Output If you decide to change the Category and Tag display across all [...]

Upgrade your Thesis wordpress theme as version 2.1 onwards are all mobile responsive

Once you have upgraded to Thesis 2.1 and above, your site would automatically be mobile responsive. That means your site would display optimally on all devices including mobile devices and tablets. In that case, what’s stopping you to upgrade? However, many long time users of Thesis wordpress theme (myself included) were first reluctant to upgrade [...]

How to upgrade to the latest Thesis 2.4.1 WordPress Theme

The newest version of Thesis wordpress theme 2.4.1 have just been released. Even though this tutorial covers for version 2.4.1, the same method is applicable for all future releases as well. There are 2 ways to update to the latest version of Thesis wordpress theme: A. Via direct upgrade option at your Wordpress Dashboard. B. [...]

How to adapt your header image if often gets shown in Facebook shares

It is frustrating sometimes that the featured image that is displayed together with our blog post share is NOT the image we have intended. Either: nothing shows at all, or showing a horrible truncated version of your blog header, or even though you already set the image via Facebook Open Graph, the image is not [...]

How to solve feature image not showing correctly in Facebook shares

Feature image option was only introduced in Wordpress version 3.0 replacing post thumbnails of version 2.9. Now, if you are like me who have a number of blogs set up prior to the introduction of the feature image option, what should you do? Are you going to rake through your 1000 or more posts to [...]

How to move the top navigation menu below the header in Thesis 2.3 WordPress Theme

By default if you are using the Thesis wordpress theme, when you publish a page/post your site, the top navigation menu is located on top of the site header (or if your site does not have a header image, then it is located on top of the site title and tagline). Personally, I preferred my [...]

How to change the background color of your Top Menu using Thesis 2.3 WordPress theme

A tell tale sign of a typical blogs/websites developed using Thesis wordpress theme without much customization is the grey color top navigation bar. I am also not sure why that the default position of the navigation bar is above the header image and not below it. You can see what I mean by the sample [...]