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What is the purpose of having a company intranet, and the contents in it?

I spend 10 years of my career life managing intranets. Intranets are very important for a company that is dealing with a changing policies, processes and in service line. 1. Ensure consistency with information provided by customer contact points to customers. If you do not have a clear and written process documented on a fixed [...]

Why you should allocate a full time resource just to manage your company’s intranet portals

Whether or not you need to hire a full time resource would depend on a few factors such as: how large is your company database files do you have more than one information portal that requires maintenance does the files/pages require constant updates and used as a reference point is there are need to provide [...]

How it all began- my journey into the world of intranets

I spent 10 years of my career life managing intranets or information portal (some companies also call them as ebook) for 2 large companies. In this post, I want to share with you how I started getting involved in intranets and why intranets are indispensable tool that each company, especially a company with large database [...]

Why INTRANET is useful and a great cost & time saving tool for a company

Having an intranet or an information portal specifically for employee’s reference is crucial especially for service industry sectors or multinational companies with many branches. For example, an international courier company with service branches and call centers all over the world would do well with a centralized reference portal that can be utilized by its internal [...]

Built an Intranet or Information Portal using Joomla

Even though this site rides on Wordpress platform, I have worked with Joomla application for a few years in managing an information portal. In my opinion, Joomla application is versatile and the setup is very suited to build sites that are geared towards managing information. Like Wordpress, Joomla is open sourced and hence the functions [...]