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Building Individual Sites/Blogs

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The Wikipedia- site monetization model through donation

Website monetization through donation is not something that is something that most websites would succeed in doing because readers would be able to obtain free information elsewhere without paying a dime. However, Wikipedia is not a normal website or blog. Wikipedia is one of the only non profit sites that provides valuable information without a [...]

Why having a sidebar is useful for your site/blog

It is a growing trend for blogs to remove their sidebar to focus on the content and to improve conversions (by placing call of action boxes such as email sign up, affiliate links or selling products) within the content page. They mentioned that having a sidebar will distract the readers from reading the content and [...]

Is It Wrong to Monetize Your Blog with Google Adsense?

If you are wrestling with the dilemma of whether to monetize your blog or website, do note that many well-known sites have put up Google Adsense as one of monetization methods. Is it wrong to monetize your site with Google Adsense? Most readers would understand- that a website runs on continuous costs… hosting, hiring writers, programmers [...]

Should you accept guest posts on your blog?

In the past, I love to read other blogs for inspiration. However, today I seldom go to those blogs which I had previously found inspiration in. Why? Because most of the once famous blogs are now full of guest posts. The original bloggers had not been able to find much time to write on their [...]

7 Reasons Why a Successful Blog Loses Its Readers

This post is written by me from a reader’s point of view- after seeing how many blogs who had once been popular started to lose its readers.  Before I actively began blogging, I have been reading many blogs. This post is not really about losing new readers because a person who loses streams of existing readers [...]

Start a Travel Blog to tell Your Travel Story

In the current Smartphone era, we would definitely be taking tonnes of photos to our heart’s content during our travels. Rather than just leaving the travel photos lying dejectedly in your hard drive, or in scrapbooks, many would choose to either share them on social networking sites or online photo albums. Have you ever consider [...]

Instead of posting on Facebook, why not start a blog and make money from it?

Each day, we spend so much time on Facebook. All you need to do is to observe during your daily commute and see people with their faces buried on their mobile phones….fully engrossed in their Facebook accounts. What you write or post would appear in the newsfeed of some of your friends. Most of your [...]

Why I stop building niche blogs and focus on multi-topics blogs instead

In the article below, I will share with you what I have personally learned about building niche blogs….that unless you are sure you can sustain the momentum for long term, it is hard to make it work. On the contrary, I have better results with multi-topic blogs. Multi-topic blogs are blogs that have a few [...]

Success in blogging requires hard work and consistent, good content

I have started to venture in blogging more than 10 years ago. Blogs come and go but one thing I have noticed is certain: the top bloggers always have lots of useful, well-written content success is not overnight, it takes time for them to achieve the success that they have either they write with passion [...]

Would anyone be interested in what you blog about?

Of course. If you blog about something that you are genuinely interested in and have passion to write about, there would be people who are interested. You would be surprised…. you may think you have very strange interest that is shared by no one. But you would be surprised…. there may be people reading your [...]