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About Build Internet & Intranet Site:

Build Internet and Intranet Site is established to provide a guide to those who are interested to building their own website or engaged to manage intranet support for their company.

At the same time I would also cover on building websites/blogs on a personal level and the usage of my favourite WordPress theme….Thesis.

About me

My name is Yin Teing and this is one of the sites that I am actively maintaining. I started creating my first website using Geocities in 2002. This is followed by hosting with Blogspot before I finally settled for my own domain and paid hosting in 2007.

Professionally I had been managing information portal/ intranets for the past 10 years full time for 2 different companies. Aside from that, I also have to come up with official communication for staff. There is a lot I have learned during my tenor with both the companies which I would be sharing in Intranet section.

I do not have knowledge into php and css programming. I build my sites now with Thesis wordpress theme to minimize messing with the coding. All my sites are content based sites as I love to write and share my experiences with others.

Why the Owl header image?

Being a night owl, I enjoy working deep into the night. It is also the only time that I am able to work and focus on my site after completing my tasks for the day.

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